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Greycoat: 18,000 Evictions Raise Concerns for Growing Homeless Population

Greycoat specialists share insights on the UK´s current housing trends. The number of people getting evicted has risen dramatically over the past few years. Legal aid has helped many people keep their homes.

The UK government has stated that legal aid access needs to be expanded in order to help people keep their homes. There were 17,644 evictions around the same time last year. That number is currently 18,154, Greycoat specialists keep on sharing.

Nick Emmerson is the president of The Law Society representation. He stated that the cost of living crisis is causing many people to lose their homes. As Greycoat specialists add, legal aid has helped many people. However, some people do not have access to legal aid.

A recent study showed that 42 percent of people are unable to obtain legal aid. That is why he is urging the government to use the Housing Loss Prevention Advice Service to give people the advice that they need in order to keep their home. And Greycoat specialists are there to confirm that information.

Many law firms are unable to afford to give people legal advice. Up to now, he is putting more pressure on the government to help people who are at risk of losing their homes. He explains how eviction is often the end result of being unable to afford housing. Greycoat Real Estate can help people get housing that they can afford.